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Air Handling Unit Cleaning

Maintaining the cleanliness of Air Handling Unit components is the key to maintaining ventilation system efficiency. The accumulation of dust and debris on system components such as volume control dampers, coils and filtration can lead to air-flow restrictions and increased energy costs.

Corrosion on internal system components such as fans, filter frames etc can also deposit contamination throughout the system. Blocked condensate drains can lead to excessive moisture levels and lead to mould growth within the system.

TVH ensures that all internal surfaces and components within Air Handling Units are accessed and cleaned effectively to optimise operational efficiencies and prolong the life of the system.

Our Air Handling Unit cleaning process includes:

  • Removal of all filters and cleaning of filter racks
  • Cleaning of coils
  • Cleaning all drainage leading from unit
  • Inspect all drain tubes
  • Cleaning all interior chamber walls of unit
  • Cleaning of drain trays/pans
  • Cleaning of fan unit