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Coolent, Chip Cleaning From Machine

Clearly, chip removal and coolant management that can help manufacturers maximize productivity are much more complex than they appear. As machine tools continue to become more sophisticated and multifunctioning, chip and coolant management technology will continue to evolve to meet the common goal of increased productivity and profitability for manufacturers.

An added benefit of tramp oil removal is a healthier environment for machine operators. Dirty coolant breeds anaerobic bacteria that are a major cause of dermatitis. Removing tramp oil and aerating the coolant prevents bacterial growth.

Another health and safety concern is the amount of oil mist created by high pressure coolant that permeates the air and coats floors and other surfaces within the manufacturing facility. LNS Fox mist collectors are designed to remove oil mist from the machine and return the liquid to the coolant sump, thus providing a healthier environment and reducing coolant costs. These units have a three-stage mechanical filtering system and an optional HEPA module to remove smoke.